Sunday, November 8, 2009

Picture of me on the island

Well I'm not normal anymore but I do have a pretty polished finish. Because of the special watch I have on. I also have special powers that include invincibility, flying, super strength and of course a colourful yet modest shine finish.Tee Hee.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 2

Day 2

I woke up replenished with the sun in my face. Then I realized that the whole crash and catastrophe was real and it did happen and I am on the uninhabited island of Matainui (well not anymore it isn’t). I get into my togs and head down to the beach to get cleaned. As I come back the rest of my group are up and ready (and Andrew is still half octopus) We all have our breakfast, if you call eating one high protein bar breakfast then we had breakfast. I haven’t noticed till now but Mr. Woody is nowhere to be seen I wonder where he got to or did he even survive the crash. I start to think we’ve got to get of this beach because if a storm comes our camp will be ripped apart. As a group we decide to head further inland and see if there are any fresh water sources and maybe even food mmmmmm food. On the island food would be a delicacy even though we have got food, but not enough for two whole weeks. After I said that it sank in, we had to survive for two whole weeks on this island because nobody will be expecting us back till then so there won’t be any help from the mainland until then.

We left camp to scout out for a clearing of some sort into the bush but first we had to recklessly hack our way through the jungle of vines stopping us from getting there. We started to notice the change in the plants from the scaly vines to thick dense forest. I was suddenly yanked upward as a vine wrapped around my waist. I screamed and yelled as I get pulled into this man eating tree. Josiah starts to get pulled up from another tree and Andrew clings to Josiah with his tentacle. Further along Sam starts screaming like a girl as he gets pulled into another tree then suddenly I black out......

I woke with Leon standing over me and strange goo covering my body. Not one metre away was Josiah, Andrew and Sam lying with the same goo all over their bodies. I struggled to stand but soon regained my balance. After Leon looked around a little he finds a hand well not really a hand but it’s got three fingers and a thumb. We all decide it’s not human but Leon also finds a silver tube it’s got no scratches and has some weird symbols on it. Sam immediately identifies it as the eye of Horus which means protection. After that we all got ready and decided to not go any further into the forest than we needed to and started our half walk, half limp back to camp.

As we arrived on the beach we saw all the people we thought had died in the crash stagger along and people rushing along to ask what had happened to them. After the shock of what had just happened I didn’t feel like talking so we just walked past and sat in our tents pondering what strange things had happened so far on this weird island so far. But we still all agreed that we needed to get off the beach and find a better place to camp Andrew suggested that we got to higher ground on the mountain just a few hundred metres away. Even though we were nearly eaten alive by trees we still thought higher ground would be safer than staying on the open beach with the gusting wind it may even be able to blow away our camp.

After we’ve packed up we make a start on the long uphill trip. We followed a clear stream hoping it will take us to a fresh water source like we were hoping for earlier. As we walked Andrew started to change, his tentacle grew stronger and scales started to appear, his tooth started to form into a beak like shape. He stopped changing and we carried on. Andrews’s sudden change sped up the group as he started to get the hang of his walking technique. We finally find the source of the water it was a little cave but it was big enough for kids our size to fit through. Sam and Josiah decided to stay back and set up camp just outside the cave (personally I think they chickened out) Not long after we entered our clothes were soaked and our knees were hurting from crawling on the harsh rock. It got dark suddenly in the cave then two unusually large bats came down and bit Leon and I on the neck. Even though we’re kids we swore in this circumstance we thought it was necessary (!@#$$#***&*). As the bats came back for more Andrew had finally managed to grab his torch and swung it round to confront the incoming bats. They flew away blinded by the light. I turned to Andrew and whispered” thanks for that but you could’ve done it sooner”. Andrew muttered something angrily under his breath that I couldn’t understand because of his beak shaped tooth.

After what felt like an hour on our knees we arrived in a cave we were actually able to stand up in. Well actually we couldn’t just stand up we could grow another 3 metres and still not touch the ceiling of this cave. Across a deep black menacing crevice that seemed to have no bottom, was a ledge with 5 chests of some sort. We wanted to get across to see what wonders we had discovered. But it would be an awkward leap and could be fatal. I decided to go first seeing as I was the tallest, strongest and most handsome looking (I added that bit in for fun). Plus I might be able to help Andrew across. A little bit of time wasted and a few awkward leaps later we all made it across and started inspecting the chests. But these were no ordinary chests they had a digital panel with three number places to work with. Andrew and I turned around and saw some letters engraved into the wall the first five were “F” “I” “B” “O” “N” and then the rest of the letters were muddled but we did think the last letter was an “I”. Andrew and I always worked out puzzles at school together. Than in unison we both blurted out “Fibonacci”. Andrew pulled out his pencil and paper from within his well equipped Swiss army knife and we started working out the code. Once Leon had come over we had finish the code and started on unlocking the chests.

Andrew opened the first one and the whole cave lit up as Andrews torch shone off every kind of gem you can imagine. We all were speechless. As Andrew and I stared awestruck at the gems, Leon went over to open the second chest and found a skull. But it was no ordinary skull it was the Mayan skull that meant death. After quickly putting it down he rushed over to me to see what was in the third one. To our surprise it was a necklace with the eye of Horus attached. It meant protection. What a weird collection of stuff I thought. In the forth a collection of test tubes with different coloured substances in them. Of course we didn’t touch them not knowing what they were.

Leon opened the fifth one and he found three strange futuristic wrist bands with six white buttons and like all the other stuff we found they were a shiny metallic silver. Leon gave one to Andrew and I and put one on himself. When he put it round his wrist it made a faint click. He tried getting it off but it wouldn’t budge and by the time Leon was about to warn us we already had ours on. “What harm can a watch do to us” I said sarcastically. Then I pushed the first button. A silver membrane started to cover me it felt soothing but I fought back trying to rip it off thinking it would do me harm. But it made me feel stronger, bigger and invincible so I let it spread over my body like a new skin. After seeing my transformation Andrew and Leon were afraid but I just said “Press the button”. They complied thinking I was going to hurt them. After Leon had finished he yelled “I’ve never felt better in my life”. Straight away we all pressed the second button at the same time. Noting happened unless that’s what I thought. A silver board appeared under my feet and my head touched something. It was the roof of the cave! Andrew looked normal again but with the same silver finish as Leon and I. Leon gave Andrew a friendly punch but Andrew flew through the air into the cave wall creating a huge bang. Rocks started to fall and we flew down and put all the things into one chest and flew over the ledge we had difficulty with before (while dodging falling rocks I might add) and out into the fresh air.

After a little fly around it became dark so we came to land at camp Josiah and Sam came to see what the racket was (P.S. Andrew hadn’t got the gist of landing yet). And were shocked to see what was standing before them. Their three friends have gone into the cave normal apart from Andrew of course and came out looking well how can I put this, like nanas favourite silver teaspoon just after its been polished. But Andrew gave some positive reinforcement by opening the chest full with all its weird and wonderful knick knacks. Josiah screamed “We’re rich” and started doing a weird dance around the fire they had started earlier.
We decided it had been a long day it was time to rest.

As we lay under another starless night on the island a light came across the sky as I had seen the night before but this time it started a direct descent towards where we were laying. It stopped about 100 metres above land and hovered there. It gave off a feeling it didn’t want to harm us but if we fought it would be fatal. We told Sam and Josiah we were going to check it out. As leon said casually “See you on the dark side eh” But I had a feeling where we were going was going to be much worse.

We fly up to the thing, it was a pyramid but had the same silver coating as us. We fly right round it had no openings anywhere it was impenetrable or so we thought. We all touched it at the same time it moulded with our silver skin as we were sucked in.

I looked around to find I wasn’t dead but inside the pyramid. Two things stood right in front of us as we stared we recognised them as the creatures with the three fingers and one thumb like the hand we found earlier. These things were obviously not human but as soon as they started talking we all seemed to understand them. They told us we were not responsible enough for the technology and asked us how we came upon these treasures we complied by telling them what they wanted hoping they would let us free. But they had us led to a cell we tried to fight back but our powers didn’t seem to worked as soon as we entered the cell we yet again blacked out…

Fibonacci code

The fibonacci sequence goes like this. Here is a quetion about it. How many pairs of rabbits will be produced in a year, beginning with a single pair, if in every month each pair bears a new pair which becomes productive from the second month on?

It is easy to see that 1 pair will be produced the first month, and 1 pair also in the second month (since the new pair produced in the first month is not yet mature), and in the third month 2 pairs will be produced, one by the original pair and one by the pair which was produced in the first month. In the fourth month 3 pairs will be produced, and in the fifth month 5 pairs. After this things expand rapidly, and we get the following sequence of numbers:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, ...

On the island it may help unlock special items. But what are these items.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 1

Well what can I say, it's taken one whole week to prepare for this trip, our class trip to Matainui. Matainui is a small secluded island off the coast of Kawhia. As we traveled in the bus I heard Marek singing the wheels on the bus go round and round, in his normal cheery attitude. The atmosphere on the bus was a pleasant one although I had a really strange feeling, something wasn’t quite right.

As we arrived in Kawhia (after I assured myself everything was fine) everyone was in awe of how bright and sunny it was and boys being boys rushed down to the wonderful, black, west coast sand and played (while of course getting dirty). We finally got all of our gear together and headed for our transport in this case a Grumman H-16 albatross (a seaplane by the way). Everyone rushed aboard trying to get the best seats. I sat with Jordan chatting about how great this trip was going to be, but for some absurd reason that statement felt hollow.

Before I knew it over the intercom came a familiar voice. “Hello this is Sam your captain speaking”. Wow, really, Sam an eleven year old piloting this big heavy flying piece of metal through the air. I felt pretty worried, but after going through all the safety procedures I felt a little reassured but only a little. The engines roared to life making a pulsating hum through the air shaking my senses to the core. The violent splash of the waves against the hull rattling my bones. Suddenly I felt all of the weight disappear. We’re out of the water safely Sam but can you fly this thing, I thought to myself. Luckily for us we made it out of the harbor with our hearts still beating. We were all singing, laughing, sleeping (Mr. Woody of course) and how can I put this going a little crazy. I took a quick look out the window and all seemed well, bright blue sky clear as the water below us. Quickly as the blink of an eye it turned grey than completely pitch black and if that wasn’t weird enough we all started floating as if someone had turned the gravity off. People were screaming from left, right and center as I blacked out. This class trip had just turned out to be our worst nightmare.

A sudden jerk snapped me back to reality. Wow that was weird, the darkness had gone, all seemed fine for a minute so Jordan and I were wrestling and I accidentally undid his seat belt and as soon as that happened we started to plummet towards the deep blue.

Jordan went flying, I couldn’t help him anymore I had to save myself for now. Andrew had just been to the toilet before we plummeted and he flew past me screaming and landed in an awkward position as the crack of bone broke the silence. Girls screamed, Boys screamed like girls everyone seemed to have panic in their eyes as Sam gave a reassuring call over the speaker “I never actually pasted the test”. Nearly five seconds from the ocean everyone braced themselves for the crash. The plane swan dived into the water, the wings breaking like twigs. The plane bobbed back to the surface as people started trying to find a way out of the wreck. Mac managed to open the door and swim out the rest of us followed, I looked around for Jordan he was nowhere to be seen. I felt so guilty but I must make it to shore. Where is shore? I turned around and not even 100 meters from where I bobbed was our final destination the island of Matainui.

I had a quick look around the plane or what was left of it for my bag. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my bag. The water was freezing I couldn’t stay in one spot for one second without being chilled to the bone. So I started the long swim to shore, and I could feel something staring at me from the supposedly uninhabited island.

I kissed the warm sand as I vowed to never get in any form of transport with Sam ever again. I searched the beach for my camp group members to see if they survived the horrific crash. Josiah, Sam and Leon were all huddling in a group trying to think of what we should do. We decided that Josiah, Sam and Leon would go back to the wreck to try and find equipment while I went along the rocks looking for my bag. As I walked along the massive rocks I heard a cry for help I rushed along as fast as I could trying to find the source of the call. And there he was, Andrew with his broken leg washed upon the rocks. He must’ve been stuck there for hours. Suddenly Andrew starts to cringe as his broken leg starts to mutate into a tentacle, his head elongates and all of his teeth fall out except for one which grows into a fang. I quickly pull him out of the water thinking it must be radioactive and start to dry Andrew off. I examine the extent of the damage, he has suckers on his arms as well as everything else. I help him back to the camp and we arrive at about twelve at night I take him to his tent and let him rest. What a life changing day.

I can’t get to sleep so I decide to go outside to see if that’ll help. It’s a starless night and right before my eyes a silver light passes across the sky and stops right above the island than disappears as if it was never there. Tiredness takes over my body as I drift off to sleep. I just survived the first night on Matainui.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Matainui preperation

Hi this is Sprint gas racing talking about our class trip to Matainui.
As a class we have been learning about narrative writing and we have started on an adventure to Matainui an island untouched by man. We are going for two weeks with ten items in our backpacks and the clothes on our back( not including our packed lunch). We have gone into groups and everyone is in charge of one "job" like hunting,cooking, shelter and medical gear.

I have been put in charge of cooking ingredients here are my items.

  • 1 x 2 man tent
  • 1 x pack of 100 water purification tablets
  • 1 x pack of 100 matches
  • 1 x pack of 21 high protein bars
  • 1 x pack of 21 high protein bars
  • 1 x machete
  • 1 x shake and charge torch
  • 1 x roll of black garbage bags
  • 1 x full change of clothes
  • 1 x map of the island